Social Media Checks

Increasingly employers are including social media in their candidate background screening process – but what are they looking for?

1. Who conducts social media screening?

Candidate social media profiles can be looked at by the employer, the recruiter, a professional screening agency or a combination of the above.

Usually, a recruiter will look into a candidate’s social media history in the pre-interview stage, well before any formal vetting commences. Once the employer receives the applications from the recruiter, they too may decide to search for the applicants on social networks.

2. What kind of social media activity is considered ‘adverse’?

Although at present there is no standard approach to social media screening, there are a number of factors that are generally seen as concerning in the recruitment process.

  • Information which contests the information on your CV
  • Derogatory posts written about a former employer
  • Inappropriate language
  • Illegal or offensive behaviour

3. How far back do social media screeners look?

There currently no standard  time frame in social media screening. Typically social activity conducted since 18 years of age will be taken into consideration. However, without a standardised approach, social media posts made at the age of 13 or so, could be included in checks.