We have been incredibly busy ensuring that teachers around the country are SACE Registered, and we would really like to assist you; whether you are a teacher (applying in your personal capacity) or a school looking at registering your teachers.

  • We will ensure you have the correct SACE form for your application, as well as a list of supporting documents you will need to attach to your application.
  • We will check all your documents for you before submitting your application to SACE.
  • We will submit the application for you.
  • We will then obtain your Certificate or letter (electronically for now).


Once all your documents are uploaded or sent to us via email certified and correct, we submit them to SACE on your behalf

  • When your application is complete, SACE will send you a direct email or SMS
  • Once we receive your registration letter / certificate from SACE, we will contact you to arrange for postage to you.
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​SACE Registration document
First Registration - Student

Do You have a Police Clearance?pick one!
Did You previously submit Fingerprints Electronically?Pick one!
First Registration - Student
All documents MUST Be Certified. - Do You accept this?pick one!
Thanks for the Information! Please keep all the original document submitted here. Our Office will be in contact shortly. We will keep this information Private as per POPI Regulations.