About us

Who are we?

Who is PreCheck Inc.?

We are an independent Professional Polygraph Examination & Screening company owned by Liezl Kotze, providing a specialized confidential service to employers and businesses, organizations and private individuals. Specialising in the pre-employment and current employment, polygraph testing, verification and checks of company staff.

From consultation to testing & credibility assessment, to final reporting.

Mission statement

We make Service, quality, and urgency our constant goal and we recognize that our reputation arrives before we do. We do not allow race, religion, or economic status, to play any role in the examination or screening process. Our belief is that the client is the most important asset our business has.



  • To add value into the decision making of our client when it comes to employing honest individuals to their system and company process.
  • Continuously strive to expand our client base.
  • Mission – desired future
  • To provide an essential contribution to the industry, ensuring that we remain in high demand as a service provider, continuous growth in our client base, develop and maintain a highly respectable and accomplished track-record, with a competent, highly skilled and experienced team, and be involved in challenging projects ensuring the provision of a high-quality final product.

Core values

  • With seriously hard work, and dedication, continuous personal development, the  desire to study and understand the polygraph environment, a constant focus on “getting the job done, no matter what!”, a proper understanding of the risks involved and key determining factors for success